AOptix Unveils First Wireless Transport Product To Deliver Fiber-like Performance

Campbell, California (November 6, 2013) – AOptix (, a technology innovation company transforming wireless communications, today announced the worldwide availability of its new Intellimax family of products. Designed for telecommunication service providers, enterprises and government organizations, AOptix Intellimax delivers multi gigabits of capacity at long distances with carrier-grade availability.

Over the last several years, rapid growth in data traffic has put existing network infrastructures under tremendous strain. Fiber, the preferred transport technology solution to address this challenge, is often not feasible or is cost prohibitive, thus creating a strong need for alternate high capacity transport solutions. AOptix Intellimax is the wireless alternative to fiber that addresses the emerging high capacity transport needs for applications such as mobile backhaul, enterprise last mile access, low latency networks and ad-hoc mobile networks.

AOptix Intellimax is the first truly integrated hybrid solution with Advanced Wavelength Diversity™ (AWD) technology that leverages the power of advanced optical and millimeter wave communications. The combination of these two technologies overcomes the vulnerabilities of traditional wireless solutions to weather disturbances. Intellimax delivers carrier-grade availability and enables constant (non-adaptive) multi-gigabit throughput in all weather conditions up to distances of 10km for a single hop, or unlimited distances when deployed in a daisy-chained configuration.

Intellimax also integrates proprietary Active Beam Steering™ (ABS) technology to maintain the stability of the wireless links by compensating for tower twist and sway of up to plus or minus three degrees. This enables AOptix Intellimax to be mounted on the full length of any tower, including monopoles, significantly increasing deployment flexibility while reducing costs.

“AOptix Intellimax offers the first true wireless alternative to fiber,” said Dean Senner, Chairman and CEO of AOptix. “The technology was originally developed in conjunction with the U.S. Department of Defense and DARPA and has been proven in advanced defense applications, such as air to air and air to ground communication links delivering data rates up to 80Gbps and at distances of hundreds of kilometers or greater. We are now leveraging this tremendous technology investment across a wide range of commercial wireless applications such as mobile backhaul, enterprise access, and low latency networks. Our technology will revolutionize wireless communications by providing massive bandwidth along with high availability to enable new market applications.”

“With the rapid growth of wireless data, carriers need a range of data transport technology options at their disposal to support their varying next generation backhaul needs,” said Richard Webb, Directing Analyst, Microwave & Carrier WiFi at Infonetics Research. “Fiber is not the be-all-end-all solution – there are clearly situations when a wireless alternative is preferred, such as in locations where fiber is not already available or where it cannot be easily installed. AOptix has developed a unique wireless solution with fiber-like capabilities, giving carriers an important option for their backhaul needs.”

The AOptix Intellimax product family currently consists of two product offerings. The MB2000, designed for mobile backhaul and enterprise applications, is currently in field trials with tier one mobile carriers in North America. The ULL3000, designed for ultra-low latency applications, is already being deployed through a strategic partnership with Anova Technologies to create ultra-low latency networks for financial markets.

“AOptix Intellimax is the first significant innovation in wireless networking in decades,” said Mike Persico, founder and CEO of Anova Technologies, Inc. “The ULL3000 product offers speed, availability and low latency that no other wireless technology today can match. With AOptix Intellimax, there’s no longer a need to compromise. That is why the financial industry is aggressively pursuing our low latency network services based on AOptix technology.”

About AOptix
AOptix Technologies Inc. is keeping people safe and connected with its wireless communications and identity verification solutions. The company delivers wireless communications technology and equipment that provide carrier grade availability and long-range, ultra-high bandwidth to solve mobile backhaul congestion and other communication challenges for network operators, enterprises and government agencies. AOptix also delivers highly intuitive and accurate biometric identity verification solutions for a wide range of mobile and high throughput applications. AOptix products are derived from the company’s patented optical technologies originally developed for scientific research and advanced defense applications. AOptix is a privately held company headquartered in Campbell, CA.