Lessons from Alok Kejriwal

by Jim Armstrong

One of our entrepreneurs, Alok Kejriwal, has had his most recent game, Parking Frenzy, go to the #1 app in the apple app store.

Here he shares some tips on how he did this…

So, what were the key lessons that Games2win learnt as it achieved this significant milestone?

1. What . . . → Read More: Lessons from Alok Kejriwal

SCV Startup -- A new accelerator

by Jim Armstrong

SCV Startup — an important accelerator hits the market

Clearstone was excited to sponsor this event and to aid and abet the unchecked enthusiasm that is Erick Arndt in his quest to harness the talent around him into an accelerator program…


. . . → Read More: SCV Startup — A new accelerator

LAVA Awards

by Jim Armstrong

I am on the board of LAVA (Los Angeles Venture Association) and they have increasing amounts of energy. I wanted to pass on the results of the LAVA Venture Awards…

Santa Monica, CA. – March 15, 2012 – The Los Angeles Venture Association (LAVA) held its Ninth Annual Venture Awards Dinner Wednesday . . . → Read More: LAVA Awards

Never Suspend Your Judgement

by Jim Armstrong

At Clearstone, we were having a great discussion today around wisdom, and what it takes to make consistently better decisions. Decisions about life, about work, about investments. As is the case with many “big ideas”, the conclusion can me trace to a simple concept. Become aware if you are ever, in ANY . . . → Read More: Never Suspend Your Judgement

Steady as She Goes...

by Jim Armstrong

The business of venture backed internet companies is pretty hot these days with sky rocketing IPOs and a flurry of fundings. But finding the signal amidst the noise has never been harder. 60 days ago, a certain company was all the rage. At least half a dozen of the new pitches I . . . → Read More: Steady as She Goes…

HomeAway IPO

by Jim Armstrong

There has been a lot written, most negative, about the valuation of the HomeAway IPO this week. Here are a few comments from a shareholder, who admits he has some bias, but I believe his comments are credible….

“So I’m totally biased (I’m a shareholder but not an insider) but IMO HomeAway . . . → Read More: HomeAway IPO

Comments on Ryan Born

by Jim Armstrong

OK, Ryan Born posted the essay below (below my comments) and for some reason LinkedIn would not allow me to comment in length. My comments here and his post below.


OK, despite the obviously purposeful edgy tone, good post. And while I generally agree and give similar advice, here are . . . → Read More: Comments on Ryan Born

The Problem with the Super Angels

by Jim Armstrong

There is a lot of talk these days about the growing number of angel funds and super angel funds, that is funds that quickly invest 250k to 2MM (roughly) into a company and remain very hands off. To be sure these super angel funds do indeed properly fit into the new trends . . . → Read More: The Problem with the Super Angels

Luis Villalobos

by Jim Armstrong

As many are aware, a pioneering angel investor in our community, Luis Villalobos, recently passed away. I was just reading the comments section of Frank Peters’ blog (and related post) and I was touched. Comments came in from all corners of the large, diverse Southern California entrepreneurial community about Luis. This reaction . . . → Read More: Luis Villalobos

DEO - The concept going forward

by Jim Armstrong

Everyone who is trying to grow traffic to their Internet site(s) knows the all important topic and battles of SEO: Search Engine Optimization. SEO has become a powerful practice area, and indeed an industry, that is characterized by perpetual improvement, tools, tips and tricks, information sharing and hoarding, and gaming the continually . . . → Read More: DEO – The concept going forward

How to Run a Great Board Meeting...

by Jim Armstrong

I do “publish” a lot of thoughts on what I am seeing in my industry (VC, startup companies), but just not HERE! Time to put those comments here….

How to Run a Great Board Meeting… Today I want to put a thought out there on how to run a board meeting once . . . → Read More: How to Run a Great Board Meeting…

Top 10 Board Meeting Tips (for CEOs)

by Jim Armstrong

As a less laborious follow on to my last post (people love top 10 lists), here are my TOP 10 BOARD MEETING DOS AND DONTS FOR CEOS……

1. Set the TONE. The CEO should have some sort of executive report up front that sets the table for what they want to accomplish . . . → Read More: Top 10 Board Meeting Tips (for CEOs)

Think Content Out

by Jim Armstrong

As a Venture Capitalist who spends a lot of time in Southern California, I have noticed that the region naturally lends itself to entrepreneurs who are able to think in a sophisticated fashion about the value and syndication of content. At Clearstone, we are calling this “content out” and some of those . . . → Read More: Think Content Out