Cornell Hoops Wreaks Havoc & @Anywhere is a poor Man’s Apture.

by David Stern

In case you haven’t been paying attention, and by “you”, I mean all 5 of you readers of this blog, there have been two major happenings in the world this past week. Only two. The first, is obviously, Cornell University’s basketball team just slamming the Temple Owls 78-65, for the Ivy League’s first NCAA tournament victory since ’98. You can read the story directly from the Cornell Daily Sun, for you homers. It was particularly satisfying for Rubicon Project (Clearstone incubated portfolio company) superstar and ex-Big Red point guard Josh Wexler (#15), who must’ve been three sheets to the wind by halftime. By the way, THAT Josh shouldn’t be confused with this Josh Wexler. Hopefully.

My favorite part of the game was the Big Red student holding up the sign reading “The Other Fans are Home Studying” by which I think he meant the rest of the Ivy League, who must’ve been jonesing for a Big Red Win….except for Harvard of course.

In a month where the news out of Ithaca has habitually been the hockey team’s ECAC success, and currently surrounds the amount of dramatic suicides happening at Cornell over the past year, winning and happiness were welcome theme, which too provided a wonderful opportunity to reconnect, albeit digitally, with so many classmates and friends.

Which brings me to the next big development. I’m so psyched Twitter announced the ambitious @anywhere platform last week at SXSW. According to the media that were able to take notes during the SXSW announcement, “Twitter has launched @Anywhere, a platform to pull Twitter feeds into sites that include


Digg, eBay, and Microsoft’s Bing search engine. The idea is to find ways to discover good content on Twitter that users will want to subscribe to. Cofounder Biz Stone said the frameworks can add the Twitter experience “anywhere on the web.”

How cool is that? It is supposed to highlight people, and display hover cards over content that users might find interesting from twitter, like interesting subjects like Cornell or The Cornell Daily Sun . That’s amazing. So I can get real time updates on things important, like that the hockey team, as I write this, is up 2-0 on Brown in the ECAC semifinals. Or, if by chance I’m wanting to write about Cornell’s Jeremy Schaap , my friend and classmate from the great class of ’91 (If he doesn’t respond, I have a nice graduation picture that we’ll be putting up here shortly instead of the “professional” one I added), I can add all this cool Twitter content. And readers can interact with it and follow him. FROM MY SITE. Seriously. Did you just read what I wrote?

Or, how cool is it that I can call out my little brother in the fraternity, Whit Watson, and Twitter’s @anywhere platform can provide so much more engagement off Twitter. Or even pal David Folkenflik, whose picture from graduation week, in what we’ll just call, NBA retro shorts….in ’91 could also be displayed shortly–you can interact with him too. All from my blog. Want to see it? (If I get 100 retweets, I just might post it, David!)

And the really cool thing, the coolest of all. I used Apture to do it all. Not only with Twitter media, but will all kinds of media types as well! For those paying attention to this blog, all 5 of you, you knew that Apturelaunched the Apture Twitter Viewer last year at SXSW, as many comments in the press indicated. So if you haven’t tried Apture to enrich your site and truly engage your readers, you aren’t trying. And since you can’t use @anywhere yet, you might try Apture in the interim. And yes, as an investor and board member of Apture, I’m CLEARLY biased.

So congratulations to Twitter for following what is an important trend. It surely is a strong trend, and one we invested in more than 16 months ago. And congratulations to the Big Red. My annual gift is in the mail.