comScore’s Ad Focus Ranking Confirms Rubicon Project, Ranked #2 in US Audience after Google, as the Largest Independent Display Ad Technology Platform for comScore 500 Publishers

Rubicon Project U.S. Internet audience in May estimated at 200 million unique visitors

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Rubicon Project, the #1 independent digital advertising technology platform for the comScore 500, has been ranked second in scale (measured by unique visitors) only to Google in the comScore Media Metrix monthly ranking of Ad Focus properties for May 2012.

“This latest comScore ranking is validation of the strong value we are providing to comScore 500 publishers and to the ad buyers that want to reach the 200M US and 650M global unique visitor audience we have aggregated”

Rubicon Project’s real time trading platform, REVV®, reached more than 200 million visitors, or 90.6% of the entire U.S. Internet audience as measured by comScore. This places Rubicon Project as the second largest reach platform in the digital advertising industry, slightly behind the Google Ad Network, which reached more than 204 million of those visitors, or 92.5% of Americans online. In March and April, comScore estimated that Rubicon Project reached 187 and 195 million unique users – illustrating how the company’s growing publisher base is increasing overall audience reach. Other top players in US audience reach from comScore’s Ad Focus ranking are many of the largest online media companies including AOL, Microsoft, and Yahoo!.

Rubicon Project’s industry leading audience reach is composed exclusively of the combined reach of its publisher customers’ digital media properties. Operating as purely a digital ad monetization technology for publishers, with no owned and operated digital properties, REVV is the only ad tech platform amongst the top companies in audience reach that is independent, with its inventory sourced directly from publishers (not through intermediaries or buying relationships) and designed entirely to drive the best results for comScore 500 publishers.

“This latest comScore ranking is validation of the strong value we are providing to comScore 500 publishers and to the ad buyers that want to reach the 200M US and 650M global unique visitor audience we have aggregated,” said Nick Hulse, Chief Revenue Officer at the Rubicon Project. “Our team has built a transparent, non-competitive platform, fully aligned with publishers business models. REVV meets publishers’ needs for monetization by holding a real time auction for every ad impression with the full controls necessary to ensure brand safety and pricing requirements are met while simultaneously reducing operating costs. As we continue to innovate and enable premium publishers to maximize their revenue on REVV, we expect our market share leading footprint to grow even further.”

REVV currently has the largest installed base of comScore 500 publishers, including 1/3 of the comScore 100, and powers the largest independent marketplace for buyers, which includes more than 450 ad networks and more than 50 DSPs who bid for publishers’ ad inventory. Rubicon Project’s acquisition of mobile ad platform Mobsmith in May further increases the company’s reach, offering comScore 500 publishers and ad buyers a single platform and marketplace for buying and selling of both display and mobile ad inventory.

About Rubicon Project

Rubicon Project is the leading independent advertising technology company for the comScore 500 and reaches a global audience of 200 million US and 646 million global unique visitors monthly, 2nd is reach to only Google (as measured by comScore). Rubicon Project’s real time trading platform, REVV®, helps publishers including 1/3 of the comScore 100 make more money by automating and optimizing monetization of their digital media advertising inventory through a real time auction to digital ad buyers, while ensuring brand safety, pricing control and reduced operational costs. Hundreds of buyer channels (DSPs, Trading Desks, Ad Networks and Exchanges) representing more than 70,000 end advertisers access and bid on Rubicon Project’s publishers’ inventory, forming one of the largest scale transaction marketplaces in any industry. REVV’s powerful and highly scalable trading and protection algorithms, running on Rubicon Project’s global real-time cloud infrastructure, process more than double the transaction volume of NASDAQ everyday. Rubicon Project brings “Wall Street” technology to Madison Avenue.


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