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Our investment strategy is simple: to invest in early stage technology companies that have the potential to dominate large markets. The companies we choose to work with combine creative and sustainable business models with exceptional management talent. The companies that demonstrate the following will generate the most interest with us:

A large, emerging market in which a leadership opportunity exists.
New technology is a highly creative force. Suddenly a whole new market can open up where there was none before. Clearstone looks for business plans that are built to capitalize on such an opportunity.

A focus on software and communications.
These businesses are what we know - and we know them very well. We are particularly attracted to those areas of technology that offer long-term value creation opportunities and leverage the combined competencies of our managing directors.

The opportunity to invest early and actively.
Clearstone is typically the first institutional investor in the companies we finance, and we remain active investors in our portfolio companies from first round through IPO. On a selective basis, Clearstone will invest in second rounds in which we have the opportunity to play a leadership role. In evaluating these later stage opportunities, we look for ways in which we can contribute to the long-term success of a business through our vast professional network and capital market expertise.

A technology-based competitive advantage.
We invest in companies that have a strong technology component to their
business plan. We prefer start-up teams that bring a similarly strong
technology expertise to the business objective they are pursuing. Our
experience has taught us that early stage companies with high IP barriers
are the most likely to deliver value to shareholders.

Unique market insight and deep domain expertise.
Our strategy is based on setting our sights within one industry and developing a tremendous knowledge of that industry. We look for entrepreneurs who do the same -- a management team that can demonstrate creative thinking based on extensive experience in their field.

Strong leadership with a talent for recruiting.
A great concept is nothing without great people to execute it. Clearstone Venture Partners will help you fill the key roles in your organization. The ability to bring in top people is often what separates the winners from the also-rans.

Companies that are close to home.
For earlier stage businesses, we prefer to invest in companies that are located within a one-hour plane flight or two hour drive of our Bay Area or Southern California offices. This allows us to work more closely together and play a meaningful role during a critical period in a company's history. For later stage companies, we are comfortable investing anywhere in the continental US.

The right size of investment.
With approximately $500 million under management, we seek investment opportunities that allow for initial investments of between $1 million and $15 million and enable us to invest $10 million to $30 million over the life cycle of a company's private capital needs.