The Top 100 Classics - Shopping

Three Clearstone portfolio companies amongst the 11 "Shopping" picks in PC Magazine's March 2003 "Top 100 Classics"

PC Magazine
March 2003

Top 100 Classics
These classics are the well established and typically well-known Web sites that you know you can't live without and that you're glad that you don't have to.

The best place to read about and buy books nearly anything.

Tools to turbocharge your auction listings.
Everything but the test drive.
Shopping for chefs.
Great prices from a huge network of stores.

This is how all computers should be sold online.

Buy or sell just about everything (kidneys now banned).

Peer pressure helps you make buying decisions.
When Wonder Bread and Skippy get old.

Lands' End
The right way to take a retailer online.

Look, Ma, no credit card!

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