Intersperse Provides
Real-Time Management Console for webMethods

Advanced Monitoring and Management of the webMethods Environment Helps Organizations Detect and Resolve Integration Problems to Meet Business Objectives

March 3, 2003
Press Release

Pasadena, Calif. - March 3, 2003 - Intersperse, Inc., an enterprise software company that provides real-time management for the integrated enterprise, today announced an OEM partnership with webMethods, the leading independent provider of integration software. webMethods includes the Intersperse Console as part of webMethods Manager product, helping its customers optimize IT performance to meet business objectives.

The Intersperse Console is a component of the Intersperse Management Framework, a combination of console, services, and agents that enable IT organizations to prioritize and resolve IT problems based on business significance derived from business process and integration service objects provided by webMethods Manager. By correlating the physical to logical relationships between objects, the Intersperse Framework helps companies align their business and IT objectives and improve service levels to lines of business through reduced operational risk.

In conjunction with the webMethods Manager server, the Intersperse Console provides real-time discovery, mapping, monitoring, analysis and control of webMethods integration resources and business processes. The Intersperse Console, via the Open Management Interface (OMI) specification, automatically discovers all deployed webMethods resources, maps them to business processes, and exposes real-time information and analytics about the discovered environment for complete monitoring and control. By monitoring the performance of their webMethods environment, IT integration teams can detect problems before they escalate, diagnose the root cause and measure both operational and business impact of integration issues to help prioritize corrective actions.

"At webMethods, we are committed to providing the most advanced tools available to help our customers achieve new levels of productivity. By including the Intersperse Console with the webMethods Manager product we provide users with even greater options to manage all aspects of their webMethods environment in real-time for optimal performance," said Jim Green, Executive Vice President and CTO at webMethods, Inc.

"webMethods has established itself as a leader in the integration space by offering a comprehensive, enterprise-wide platform to help organizations automate business processes," said Daniel Udoutch, President and CEO at Intersperse, Inc. "webMethods' decision to offer its customers the Intersperse Console as part of webMethods Manager product highlights the importance of adding visibility and real-time management to help companies align their business goals with their IT decisions and validates the strength of our technology."

About Intersperse
Intersperse, Inc., is an enterprise software company that provides a distributed management solution for software components and services across application, integration and process servers. The Intersperse Management Framework enables IT integration teams to gain vendor-independent visibility and control of their integrated application environments-resulting in reduced operational risk and increased service levels to business. Our solutions are deployed at Fortune 500 customers within financial services, high-tech manufacturing, telecommunications and retail. Intersperse is headquartered in Pasadena, CA. For more information, please visit

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