September 7, 2001
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45 Partners in 68 Locations in 31 Countries Now Selling Keywords

ICANN CONFERENCE, MONTEVIDEO, URUGUAY - September 7, 2001 - RealNames Corporation, the extended naming services company, today announced the expansion of its worldwide channel with the addition of two new Registries and 18 new Registrars to sell Keywords, the next generation Internet naming standard. The new partners add Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Finland, Germany, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland to the roster of countries where businesses and individuals can buy Keywords locally, and expand the list of partners in France, Italy, the Netherlands, the UK, and the United States.

For RealNames Registries and Registrars, selling Keywords provides an additional high margin revenue stream and allows them to control their local namespaces. The growth of the RealNames channel network - from 13 partners in May to 45 today - is strong support for the need for consistent, accessible addresses for all Internet users.

"We've made major progress toward global adoption of RealNames Keywords as the Internet's next-generation naming system," said Keith Teare, founder and CEO of RealNames. "The intense worldwide demand for Keywords shows that consumers want to navigate the Internet using simpler, more intuitive Web addresses based on brand and product names that work in their local languages and character sets. People navigate directly to Web sites 110 million times a month by typing Keywords into the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser address line."

The number of registered Keywords has grown substantially, from 100,000 in 1998 to over one million in 31 countries today. More than 30,000 businesses have registered Keywords, up from 700 customers in 1998.

Teare added, "RealNames will continue to enable countries to manage their country namespaces by giving them local ownership of Keyword licenses and encouraging them to develop their own network of Registrars and Resellers."

Newly Announced Registries


Nominalia is the leading domain name registrar in Spain and other Spanish speaking countries, and is ICANN accredited.


Keyword Sweden is a strategic alliance arising from Keyword Danmark. Keyword Sweden is based in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden.

Newly Announced Registrars

Chile:, the first Internet XSP (eXtended Service Provider) for Latin America, is the first Keyword Registrar for Latin America.


WebEffekt is a leading German service provider in the field of worldwide search engine promotion, and also offers a free online ranking agent at
Easyspace is the largest ICANN domain name registrar in the UK and the twelfth largest worldwide, and also offers Web Hosting and E-commerce solutions.


IT's Logic supports organizations in their Internet strategy and operations, and will integrate Keywords with domain registration and other Internet solutions.

Easyspace is the largest ICANN domain name registrar in the UK and the twelfth largest worldwide, and also offers Web Hosting and E-commerce solutions.

U.K.: provides virtual marketplaces and integrated business directories to media, utilities and other groups with large customer bases.

Perodot Communications specializes in providing online branding solutions for UK corporate organizations.
Planetweb Systems Limited is the UK's leading search engine optimization and management company.

Premier Computer Solutions is a leading eBusiness solutions and business integration provider, catering to major corporate and public sector organizations.

Searchquest is the UK's leading Internet marketing specialist providing services ranging from domain registration and Web hosting to a unique search engine inclusion service.

Touch NW Ltd. is the UK partner of Biznizweb Inc., the developers of the Dynaportal, a revolutionary portal software suite that combines more than 25 e-business applications into one affordable, easy to use package. is one of the UK's longest established domain registration and Web site hosting companies, and part of the Gillett Multimedia Ltd group, which includes, and

WebOptimiser provides a range of optimization tools and services, including Web intelligence, domain services and a dedicated 24/7 online customer center.

United States:

Cydian is a provider of domain names, direct mail marketing, hosting and eCommerce solutions to meet clients' online and offline needs. In addition to the US they will soon sell Keywords in Brazil, Italy and the UK.

Easyspace is the largest ICANN domain name registrar in the UK and the twelfth largest worldwide, and also offers Web Hosting and E-commerce solutions.

IDWebsites is a provider of hosting, Web development and domain names to businesses.

Namespace Strategy Group is a solutions provider to corporate and brand marketers, specializing in naming, navigation, and extraction technologies.

NetNameRegistry offers complete, discount domain registration services, expired and onhold domain lists, and domains for sale or lease.

RiskeBiz provides products and services that enable companies to utilize Web Services, with solutions based on XML technologies such as UDDI and support for a variety of mobile devices.

WebJeff Solutions, Inc. is a leading provider of online services including domain registration, Web hosting, and online management.

In addition to Germany, the Netherlands, the UK and the US, Easyspace also now operates Keyword Registrars in 14 other countries - Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Finland, France, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland.

The Need for a Modernized Naming System

Keyword-based naming systems address many of the difficulties currently facing the URL naming layer for the HTTP protocol, which rests on DNS. As the Internet grows, it becomes increasingly necessary for a next-generation naming service to be extensible and capable of supporting directory services. And as the Internet becomes more globalized, a modern naming system can allow people to easily use the Internet in their own language. As the network scales, naming resolutions should be done closer to the user to make more efficient use of bandwidth. A new naming system must be able to support multiple devices as well as the desktop, and will need to be capable of supporting new user interfaces like voice and natural language, as well as today's most popular browser.

Keyword Global Registry Services

RealNames has developed a business model where local country Registries, having negotiated the exclusive license to Keywords in their territory, will license Registrars to sell Keywords directly to customers. The country Registry retains local control over the Keyword namespace while sharing revenues from Keyword sales among the local channel partners. This model encourages the proliferation of Keywords as the next generation naming standard for the Internet. For more information on RealNames Global Registry Services and to apply for a country Keyword Registry or Registrar license, please e-mail

About RealNames Corporation
RealNames Corporation is a global infrastructure provider of Keywords, and offers a naming platform for the next generation Internet. The RealNames registration and resolution name services platform provides a modern naming layer on top of DNS. Keywords are a superieor Webnaming registration platform that extends the existing Domain Name System, and are integrated into Microsoft Internet Explorer browser software. For more information, please enter Keyword: RealNames to visit our Web site.

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RealNames, RealNames System, RealNames Service, Real Name Service and RNS are either service marks or registered service marks of RealNames Corporation.

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