September 17, 2001
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Forval Telecom to Develop Registrar Channel to Sell Keyword Web Addresses from RealNames to Corporate Customers as well as Small Businesses and Individuals

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. - September 17, 2001 - RealNames Corporation, the extended naming services company, today announced that Forval Telecom, a telecommunications and Internet services company, is now the sole licensee of Keywords in Japan. Forval Telecom has been a Keyword Registrar since July of this year, but is stepping up its role and will develop a channel of its own registrars and resellers to offer Keywords, the next generation Web addressing standard.

In addition to establishing their channel, Forval Telecom will take control of the Japanese namespace for Keywords, utilizing its extensive expertise in Japanese business in general, and Internet services in particular, to address the unique requirements of the Japanese market for Internet naming.

Keywords are an extension to the Domain Name System and consist of common names without the www's, slashes and dot "something" endings of URL Web addresses. Keywords are easier for people to remember and use and are the only Web addressing system that work across all languages and character sets. Unlike domain names, which consist solely of Roman characters, or even multilingual domain names, which may have Japanese characters placed in between Roman character prefixes and suffixes ("www." prefix and ".com" suffix), Keywords can be entirely in Japanese characters.

"Keywords bring a natural-language Web address to the people of Japan, offering users a simpler way to navigate the Internet while giving companies a way to protect their brand names and avoid cyber squatters," said Hideo Ohkubo, president of Forval Telecom. "We are very pleased to become the Registry in Japan, and plan to build a channel of experienced Registrars, including domain name reseller, ISPs and advertising agencies, who can meet the naming needs of businesses and individuals."

Forval Telecom will offer both Basic Keywords and Keywords Plus through its direct sales force and channel partners beginning October 1, targeting corporate customers, small and medium-sized businesses, and individuals.

"Forval Telecom is one of a growing number of Keyword Registries around the world," said John Tomany, senior vice president of global registry and registrar services for RealNames Corporation. "Keywords are quickly being adopted as the next generation Web address because they are intuitive and easy to use in any language or character set, which is particularly important to the Asian marketplace. Japan represents the second largest Internet user population in the world behind the US - and that's with only 33 percent of people currently online - so the market opportunity is tremendous."

Forval Telecom is a leading telephone related equipment and services company in Japan. It provides telephones, cellular phones, Internet terminals, and other telecommunications equipment and services to large and small businesses.

About RealNames Corporation
RealNames Corporation is a global infrastructure provider of Keywords, and offers a naming platform for the next generation Internet.

Keywords are a superior Web naming registration platform that extends the existing Domain Name System. Keywords replace complicated URLs with simple names and brands and work in the consumer's native language, making the Internet easier to use. The RealNames registration and resolution name services platform provides a modern naming layer on top of DNS and is available to all application developers through RealNames open APIs or through the .NET application programming interfaces.

The RealNames Keyword system is integrated into Microsoft Internet Explorer browser software. Like DNS, RealNames Keywords and name services are available through a worldwide channel of Registries and Registrars. Founded in 1996, RealNames is based in Redwood City, California with offices in London, Tokyo and Seoul. For more information, please enter Keyword: RealNames to visit our Web site. For more information on RealNames Global Registry Services and to apply for a country Keyword Registry or Registrar license, please e-mail

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RealNames, RealNames System, RealNames Service, Real Name Service and RNS are either service marks or registered service marks of RealNames Corporation.


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