October 18, 2001
Press Release

RealNames Platform and Services Act as One of the Technical Providers for CNNIC Common Names, Integrate CNNIC within Worldwide Keyword System

BEIJING, People's Republic of China and REDWOOD CITY, Calif. - October 18, 2001 - CNNIC, the administrator and service provider of China's National Internet Network Information Center, and RealNames Corporation, the extended naming services company, today jointly announced a strategic partnership between the two entities. RealNames will act as a technical provider to integrate CNNIC's Chinese Common Name System, launched in August of 2001, with the RealNames Keyword registration and resolution program, the popular platform for registration and resolution across Keyword systems worldwide. The integration will allow Chinese Keywords to be registered and resolved anywhere in the world.

As a result of this partnership and integration, CNNIC's Common Name system will no longer require browser users to download special software to recognize and resolve Chinese Keywords. The RealNames Keywords Platform, supported by Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE), enables every IE user to recognize Chinese Keywords automatically, without any new software.

"Natural-language Web addresses are vital to the people of China, who access the Internet via a variety of devices," said Mao Wei, Director General of CNNIC. "We are delighted to choose RealNames as one of the key technical providers and look forward to fully integrating our Chinese Common Name system with the worldwide Keywords platform. Maintaining control and management of Chinese Keywords is critical. At the same time, it is equally important that we maintain interoperability and data transfer across all Keyword systems around the world - to bring the broadest reach and power to Chinese Keywords. Our partnership with RealNames makes this possible."

"We are delighted to be the technical provider for CNNIC and welcome CNNIC's Chinese Common Name System into the global Keywords system," said Keith Teare, founder and CEO, RealNames Corporation. "Providing global Web identity and access for Chinese-speaking browser users and businesses is an enormous opportunity, and we believe that integrating independently operated Keyword systems as one worldwide meta-system is the best way to encourage global adoption and use of Keywords, which are rapidly becoming the next generation Internet naming system."

CNNIC, which is responsible for China's Top Level Domain [TLD] country namespace - .cn - as well as Chinese domain name services, will use their localized experience and expertise to address the unique requirements of the Chinese market for Internet naming. CNNIC is integrating its Common Name registration and resolution system with the global Keyword system.

Both CNNIC's Common Name System and RealNames Keywords are an extension to the Domain Name System and consist of common names without the www's, slashes and dot "something" endings of URL Web addresses. Common Names and Keywords are easier for people to remember and use and are the only naming system that work across all languages and character sets. Unlike domain names, which consist solely of Roman characters, or even multilingual domain names, which may have Chinese characters placed in between Roman character prefixes and suffixes ("www." prefix and ".com" or ".cn" suffix), Common Names and Keywords can be entirely in Chinese characters.

China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) is the registry of .CN domain names, a non-profit organization with the responsibility of managing and operating .CN domain names in China. It also develops technologies related to domain names.

Common Names are a Web naming registration platform which permits people to access websites by input simple Chinese characters. Common names work in Chinese language, making Chinese Internet users easy to remember and use.

CNNIC launched the registration and resolution service of Common Names on August 4, 2001 and appointed 12 creditable companies as the Common Name registrars. Meanwhile, CNNIC appointed China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Center (CIETAC) as the authorized institute for arbitrating disputes related to "cybersquatting" -- the bad-faith registration of common names in violation of trademarks.

About RealNames Corporation
RealNames Corporation is a global infrastructure provider of Keywords, and offers a naming platform for the next generation Internet.

Keywords are a superior Web naming registration platform that extends the existing Domain Name System. Keywords replace complicated URLs with simple names and brands and work in the consumer's native language, making the Internet easier to use. The RealNames registration and resolution name services platform provides a modern naming layer on top of DNS and is available to all application developers through RealNames open APIs or through the .NET application programming interfaces.

The RealNames Keyword system is integrated into Microsoft Internet Explorer browser software. Like DNS, RealNames Keywords and name services are available through a worldwide channel of Registries and Registrars. Founded in 1996, RealNames is based in Redwood City, California with offices in London, Tokyo and Seoul. For more information, please enter Keyword: RealNames to visit our Web site. For more information on RealNames Global Registry Services and to apply for a country Keyword Registry or Registrar license, please e-mail

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RealNames, RealNames System, RealNames Service, Real Name Service and RNS are either service marks or registered service marks of RealNames Corporation.

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