Sundeep Jain
Chairman, CEO and Founder
Aceva Technologies

Since the inception of Aceva Technologies, Clearstone has invested the time and energy to help us build a strong management team along with a sound business model. The partners have given us access to an expansive network of strategic relationships and downstream financiers that have proven instrumental in Aceva's success.

Erik Lassila is forward-thinking and always provides a broad perspective - and the expertise on what it takes to build a successful software company - that helps Aceva fine tune its business model.

Ted Meisel
President and CEO
Overture Services, Inc.

I have worked with Bill Elkus for two and a half years, where he has served on the Overture board. Working with Bill has been a huge benefit for Overture and a pleasure for me. As a board member, he represents a steady hand with solid advice based on years of experience. Bill is always ready to open his extensive rolodex for the company to make introductions or to help gather market intelligence. As an investor, he has masterfully handled the always sensitive post-IPO question of whether and when to distribute shares to limited partners. He has distributed in bull markets, and shown patience and confidence in management by holding positions through difficult market conditions. I'm also an investor in one of his funds, and his approach seems to be yielding terrific results. Most importantly, Bill brings integrity to all of his interactions with me and with the company. When you're building a company, the level of trust that comes from Bill's integrity is an invaluable asset.

Jeffrey Brewer
Founder, Director and Former CEO

Clearstone continues to be an important and valued partner in the growth and success of Overture. Bill Elkus and the rest of the team at Clearstone invested a great deal more than money. Clearstone did for Overture what most venture investors always promise but rarely deliver. They helped us build our business through becoming a active partner in our vision for building a great company with real long term value. Clearstone combined the right resources and expertise with a genuine and unflagging commitment.

And Clearstone’s commitment to Overture’s success has not waned over time. Bill Elkus and his team have consistently aided company management whenever and
wherever asked. These significant contributions include (but haven’t been limited to) key activities such as business development analysis, strategic partnership introductions, and financing process advice.

The intensity of Clearstone’s enthusiasm and commitment never diminished as Overture matured from a closely held start-up into a broadly owned public company. That is why Clearstone is at the top of the list I would make of who I’d want to be involved in any venture I’d undertake in the future.

Lance Rosenzweig

Clearstone has added tremendous value to PeopleSupport since leading our first venture round and participating in subsequent rounds. Over the past two years, market volatility has been of historic proportions. Throughout this period Clearstone has provided consistent support, sound judgment and excellent insights.

William Quigley has been an outstanding board member since the very early stages of the company, with tremendous dedication and passion for our success as a company. William and his colleagues have added significant value to PeopleSupport, particularly by making key introductions that have led to world-class follow-on investors, as well as new clients and partners.

Ron Logan

Clearstone is willing to wade in while other VCs are not; they're not afraid to make investments that go against conventional wisdom. From Clearstone we get a lot of help with strategy and thinking long-term. But they also provide guidance over near-term tactics involving customers, incorporating feedback on product,

thinking through ramifications, etc."

William Quigley is fiercely engaged. He really knows finance and the investors' side of the picture, but also understands our market and has been very instrumental in arranging introductions to prospective customers. William is a masterful negotiator; anyone would want him on their team. Gaining strategic investments was a challenge, but Clearstone's thinking and help with negotiations saw us through.

Mark Goldston
United Online

Clearstone has contributed to our success in so many ways. They've really been more of a partner than an investor. First, their knowledge of technology and the Internet allowed them to immediately recognize the breakthrough potential of our innovative approach. They got as excited about our future as we were, and have been supporters and attentive from day one, regardless of prevailing market conditions. They spend a lot of time with us and push us hard with terrific advice.

They have helped us find and secure great partners and employees, and understand the fundraising process really well. In fact, they recruited me to the company. They have trusted networks of other investors and VC's who like to work with them. Clearstone has helped us navigate the ins and outs of company building, and they continue to give us strategic, battle-tested insights that have proven decisive in bringing both our product and our company to market.

Alistair Clague

Clearstone immediately understood the potential of our software and value when others were unwilling to make the time to take a hard, clear look in this turbulent market. They really dug in and spent the time with the management team to understand our business and lead our most recent financing. They are continuing to apply best practices to help us build a valuable enterprise, and I appreciate having a 'thought leader' like Clearstone involved.