Rubicon Project Crushes Google On A Key Ad Metric

The Rubicon Project, a Los Angeles-based advertising startup, just got major bragging rights. It beat Google on one key metric that advertisers care deeply about—reach, or how broadly their message gets seen.
In the month of July, according to ComScore, the ads that Rubicon brokers on behalf of its customers reached 212.7 million unique visitors, or 96.2 percent of the U.S. audience. It beat Google, which reached 206.6 million unique visitors, or 93.4 percent of the audience, with its websites and advertising network.
In June, Rubicon reached 200 million unique visitors in the U.S. for an 88 percent reach.
The Rubicon Project’s software helps Web publishers sell their advertising space. It mainly serves the 1,000 largest Web properties—the ones that aren’t part of giants like Google, Facebook, AOL, or Yahoo.
Rubicon is a big part of the move towards real-time bidding, which is a fast-growing slice of the online-advertising market. In 2010, it bought Fox Audience Network, an online advertising network owned by News Corp., which greatly expanded its reach.
“We’ve been on the tail of Google for a while now,” Rubicon CEO Frank Addante. Addante said he couldn’t attribute the leap to one particular customer—”just growth.”

by Owen Thomas courtesy of Business Insider