Silicon Valley startup Spock aims to refine people search

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Silicon Valley startup Spock aims to refine people search

How many times have you Googled your ex-girlfriend? The guy from the bar last night? Paris Hilton, Barak Obama, David Beckham?

Instead of sorting through thousands of results from a major search engine the vast majority likely to be irrelevant Web pages a Silicon Valley startup promises more targeted results on people queries.

Menlo Park-based Spock Inc. scours sites such as, Wikipedia, LinkedIn and Flickr, compiling biographies of real people alive, dead, famous, obscure, from New York to New Delhi.

Spock is gaining 30,000 new members per week in an invitation-only beta. It will launch in three to four weeks with a searchable database of 100 million people.

Results often include an individual’s photo, age, job title, political or religious affiliations, and research papers or articles written.

The site relies on public data; if you’ve never given your age or posted a your photo on a blog or other site, that data may not appear on Spock. But if you’ve submitted information to a company or neighborhood