John Osborne  Advisor

John joined Clearstone in November 2003. He combines personal development & leadership training experience with 20 years of senior management experience in investment banking and venture capital. His financial management career began when he directed the financial expansion of a pre-product software company from research stage to scalable revenue growth in Iowa. He later migrated to fund management as part of a team that created a hedge fund at Fairfield Financial Group in Kansas City that returned an average of 40% per year in its first seven years.

At The Boston Company, John managed client and portfolio services for $150 million in client assets. Later, he established a strategy and new ventures consulting practice to Fortune 500 clients, including Wells Fargo, where he helped to initiate their first online banking system; American Express, where he developed their online small business consulting resources; Dunn & Bradstreet and Ford Motor Company, where he advised on joint ventures with early-stage entrepreneurial companies.

John is Managing Partner at Intermarkt LLC in Santa Monica, an investment banking and venture capital practice invested in early-stage technology and telecommunications companies. He serves on the boards of, Look-Look, Inc., and the Art of Living Foundation.  John also has served as an advisor to technology companies for strategic partnering and market development in Asia and the Pacific Rim, including in-country experience in Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia and India.

John's focus at Clearstone is Southern California deal flow and syndicate networking. John earned his M. Div. from Yale University and his BA from Hamilton College.